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How I Started as a Portland Lyft Driver

This is how I started as a Portland lyft driver. I’m sure if you talked to other lyft drivers it might be around the same and the truth is, this was the easiest job I had ever applied for and got within twenty four hours. Now before we learn how I got started as a Portland lyft driver, let me give you a little background.

My name is Edson Buchanan and I have been working online as an Internet Marketer for the past three years. Like so many, I wanted to start my own home based business where I would have more freedom to be with my family and do what I want to do when I want to do it. Now this sounds all great and dandy but working from home you will quickly realize that its more than a full time job.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do online and will continue to grow my online business but at the same time, I had been thinking about finding a job that will work around my online business, my wife’s work schedule, and my three beautiful children’s demanding schedule of staying busy during the summer months.

As I was ready to give up on finding the perfect job that would fit around the three major elements of my life, I was told about lyft from a friend who had already been working as a Portland lyft driver. She explained to me the business model and told him how easy it is to apply and get approved. I couldn’t believe it but it seemed like the perfect fit for my life schedule.

So on Thursday June 18th, I gave my car a well deserved bath, got dressed up and headed down to the lyft head quarter located in downtown Portland. When I finally found a spot to park, I headed in inside and talked with a lyft representative. I could not believe how easy to was to apply for this job.

First the lyft rep and I went over my application which if you didn’t know you need to do your Portland Lyft Driver Application online. After we were done with it which took about ten minutes, I then had a lyft mechanic review my car to make sure it was ready for work. After that was done, I walked back in, received my fire extinguisher and the lyft rep explained to me that when I was approved, I would receive a text message and then could go out and work.

huh..that was it? no interview?

Yep, it is really that easy to become a lyft driver in Portland Oregon. The next day Friday around 5:30pm, I received my text message saying congratulations you have been approved to drive.

So being excited I went out to work that night to see what it was like to be a lyft driver in Portland Oregon.